Ribas Named Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Oglesby, IL., February 15, 2013 -- Area website design and marketing professional Karl Ribas announced his completion of Microsoft's marketing program.

"I am always willing to do what is necessary to remain updated on the world of search marketing, and specially paid search advertising", says Ribas. "In accordance with my role as Vice-President of Marketing at All Web Promotion, I met the necessary requirements needed to achieve Bing Ads Accredited Professional status."

Bing Ads is the second largest provider of paid search advertising and is a subsidiary of the Microsoft Corporation. Similar to that of Google AdWords, the search engine offers Internet advertisers the ability to promote text ads alongside search results. Bing Ads increases the reach of their advertisers through partnerships agreements with other Internet search engines and websites. The largest and most popular member of Bing's network is Yahoo!.

Bing's Accredited Professionals program was created as a way to test and measure one's knowledge of the Bing Ads platform and paid search advertising strategies. Individuals and companies meeting the specific requirements, one of which is passing an accreditation exam, are featured within a Professionals directory. Bing advertisers can review, contact, and even hire Accredited Professionals when in need of setup and management assistance.

Bing Accredited Professionals operate independently as Bing Ads advertisers, and are not employed or agents of Microsoft. Bing Accredited Professionals can distinguish themselves as such, and are given a special logo and personalized profile page for reference.

Ribas plans to utilize his newly acquired Accredited Professional status to attract new search advertising business and to continue meeting the needs of his current paid search clients.

"My current and future clients count on me to be the very best that I can be", says Ribas. "Bing's Accredited Professionals program provides me the opportunity to remain updated on industry changes, tools, and strategies, and, in turn, I'll be able to better serve my clients and meet their individual needs for online growth."



Karl Ribas is a website design and marketing professional located within the Illinois Valley. Ribas has been designing, managing, and successfully marketing websites since 2003, and plays an influential role in the design and marketing community. He is the author of a website development blog, and has been publishing design and marketing related content since 2005. In addition to writing for his own blog, Ribas also writes for several top industry publications, including Search Engine Journal and the Yahoo! Store blog.


If you would like more information regarding this release or to schedule an interview with Karl Ribas, please call (815) 310-0427 or email Karl at karl@karlribas.com.