Karl Ribas to Write for SEOPapers.com

Oglesby, IL., June 14, 2005 -- Karl Ribas, a website design and marketing professional located within the Illinois Valley, announced this morning that he will be joining 50 plus other web authors in an effort to further create a directory of search engine marketing related articles, tutorials, reviews, and interviews, otherwise known as SEOPapers.com.

SEOPapers.com and its conglomeration of search marketing literature, which currently features submissions from industry experts such as Andy Beal, Karen Thackston, and Dan Thies, has already proven itself to be a very valuable and highly credible resource amongst the search engine marketing community.

"SEOPapers is a great website for those individuals wanting to learn the tricks of the trade" says Ribas. "It's basically a one stop shop for all of one's search marketing education needs."

Ribas' first entry, titled "Search Engine Friendly Design", features his personal, yet insightful, suggestions on how to keep the peace between your website's design and marketing teams. An excerpt from this article states:

"Search engine consultants and website designers are often called in at different times to work on a website development project. Rarely do the two ever work together, which is very unfortunate. With this being the case, many search engine marketing consultants have seen their client's rankings plummet without hope after a website redesign. Vise versa, many designers have seen their exceptionally created and beautiful website designs destroyed by an SEO-focused optimization. This does not have to happen!"

This and future submissions, once approved by an editorial staff, may appear on DevPapers, HostPapers, eDevCafe, or other iNET Interactive websites and allow Ribas' writings the opportunity to reach thousands of online readers.

This is not Ribas' first role as an online author. In addition to authoring his own website development blog, he is also affiliated with another group of web-authors at GoArticles.com - an online directory similar to that of SEOPapers.com. At GoArticles.com, Ribas has the same opportunity to submit search engine related articles in hopes that they too will be picked up by many of today's online newsletters.

"Agreeing to be a web author for GoArticles.com and now SEOPapers.com is yet another way for me to help educate the online community while making my search engine marketing resources available to those in need of them," Ribas explained, "my primary focus as a marketing consultant is to not only help others in developing their own search engine marketing campaigns, but to consult and educate them along the way."



Karl Ribas is a website design and marketing professional located within the Illinois Valley. Ribas has been designing, managing, and successfully marketing websites since 2003, and plays an influential role in the design and marketing community. He is the author of a website development blog, and has been publishing design and marketing related content since 2005. In addition to writing for his own blog, Ribas also writes for several top industry publications, including Search Engine Journal and the Yahoo! Store blog.


If you would like more information regarding this release or to schedule an interview with Karl Ribas, please call (815) 310-0427 or email Karl at karl@karlribas.com.