Press Releases

Press Release | October 2013

LKCS recently announced their decision to promote Karl Ribas to Director of Web Services. Ribas will will manage the company’s online design and marketing initiatives.

Press Release | May 2013

LKCS announced the hiring of online marketing specialist, Karl Ribas. Ribas will assume the role of Marketing Coordinator and expand the company's online marketing expertise.

Press Release | March 2013

Local website design and marketing company All Web Promotion partnered with Google to host a marketing luncheon event for prospective clients and area small businesses.

Press Release | February 2013

Area website design and marketing professional Karl Ribas announced his completion of Microsoft's marketing program, and being named a Bing Ads Accredited Professional.

Press Release | February 2011

Karl Ribas, website design and marketing professional, agreed to a technical editing role with leading education company Pearson. Ribas is editing a social media book due out this fall.

Press Release | January 2011

In an effort to boost employee morale and to engage in local community efforts, All Web Promotion organized a retreat day benefiting the local men and women of the U.S. military.

Press Release | August 2009

In an effort to build more awareness for their cause, local non-profit organization CISNAP partnered with website designer Karl Ribas to create and launch a new web presense.

Press Release | December 2008

All Web Promotion announced earlier this week that Karl Ribas will be promoted to Vice-President of Marketing starting immediately and will oversee the growth of this division.

Press Release | February 2007

Liana Evans, creator and main contributor of Search Marketing Gurus, announced that website marketing professional Karl Ribas has accepted the position of supplemental writer.

Press Release | December 2006

Karl Ribas, a website design and marketing professional, announced his plans for publishing "Industry Interviews" in 2007. This project is associated with his blog and newsletter.

Press Release | December 2005

Earlier this week, website marketing specialist Karl Ribas announced his participation and completion of both Google's and Yahoo!'s highly respected 'Professionals' Programs.

Press Release | June 2005

Karl Ribas announces that he join 50+ other web authors in an effort to further create a directory of search engine marketing related articles, tutorials, reviews, and interviews.

Press Release | May 2005

This past week Karl Ribas introduced his newest venture, a website design and marketing directory featuring a wide range of quality resources from various industry professionals.

Press Release | February 2005

Karl Ribas announces a new venture today - a website design and marketing blog featuring up-to-date news and events, as well as commentary on trends and best practices.

Press Release | December 2004

Karl Ribas, local graphic and website design specialist, announced today the launch of his new freelance and consulting website. Ribas will offer his clients an array of services.

Industry Interviews

Karl Ribas on How Small Businesses Should Think Big with Branding

Interview | SEO Training UK | September 2013

An interview that I did with Joe Williams on the SEO Training UK blog. Our interview focused on branding, it's relations to search marketing, and tips and strategies for small businesses.

Social Media to the Rescue

Interview | Bureau County Republican | July 2012

I was interviewed in an article by Barb Kromphardt, of the Bureau County Republican Newspaper. Her article focused on channeling community support through social media.

APBA PRO Nationals: DePue Volunteers Rally with Facebook

Interview | NewsTribune | July 2012

I was interviewed in an article by Jeff Dankert, of the NewsTribune Newspaper. His piece was about a local racing event saved through the many efforts of a community Facebook page.

Cigar Alliance Podcast - Episode 10

Interview | Cigar Alliance Podcast | December 2007

A very fun interview / conversation that I had with Chris on The Cigar Alliance Podcast. While our discussion was mainly about cigar smoking, we did touch on search and blog marketing.

Interview | Yahoo! Store Blog | September 2007

An interview that I did with Paul Boisvert on the Yahoo! Store blog. In this interview I was able to address several questions pertaining to marketing and Yahoo! Store development.

Interview | Practical eCommerce Magazine | August 2007

I was among the few questioned and quoted in this well-written piece by Ryan Welton, of Practical eCommerce Magazine (print). The focus of this article was PPC management.

Interview | Mr. SEO Podcast | May 2007

An interview I had with Joe Balestrino on his Mr. SEO Podcast. Our discussion featured talks of Pay Per Click advertising and management, and even included management tips.

Book Blurbs & Acknowledgments

Zero to 100,000: Social Media Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses

Technical Editor | Sarah-Jayne & Dean Anthony Gratton | October 2011

Zero to 100,000 is the ultimate playbook for social media marketers. I signed on as the book's technical editor and ensured the accuracy of the strategies being presented.

The Truth About Search Engine Optimization

Book Jacket Quote | Rebecca Lieb | March 2009

The Truth About Search Engine Optimization is an outstanding book on the topic of SEO. I was given an advanced copy and was asked to provide a promotional quote for the jacket.

The New Rules of Marketing & PR

Acknowledgment | David Meerman Scott | November 2008

The New Rules of Marketing & PR is a powerful book explaining how to use blogs and online media to reach buyers directly. David was kind enough to list me in his acknowledgments.

Starting a Yahoo! Business for Dummies

Acknowledgment | Rob Snell | March 2006

Often referred to as the "bible" of Yahoo! Stores, this book is a fantastic read for anyone owning a Yahoo! Store. I reviewed four chapters on marketing and ensured their accuracy.

Guest Writing Appearances

Guest Article | LKCS | April 2014

With more financial institutions now turning to Facebook as a means of reaching and engaging their current and future account holders, I was asked to share 5 tips for getting started on Facebook.

Guest Article | LKCS | October 2013

Google Alerts is a free notification service that banks and credit unions can use to easily monitor their online reputation. In this post, I outline the process setting up Google Alerts.

Guest Article | LKCS | August 2013

Social media marketing is the process of using social media to engage customers. Through this engagement, banks and credit unions are able to leverage their efforts into real value.

Guest Article | All Web Promotion | April 2013

Every social media website provides business owners with an opportunity to personalize their company profile. I outline the importance of creating branded social media profiles.

Guest Article | All Web Promotion | December 2012

As the age old saying goes, content is king. In fact, with regards to social marketing it's everything! In this article, I provide 3 tips for creating a social media content strategy.

Guest Article | All Web Promotion | October 2012

Like most marketing strategies, social media marketing begins with a plan. In this article, I address how to determine which social media websites are right for one's small business.

Guest Article | All Web Promotion | June 2012

Participating on the social web is exciting, and it doesn't take much to become sidetracked on a fun project. In this article, I address the importance of creating clear marketing goals.

Guest Article | Yahoo! Store Blog | March 2012

In this article, I address the age old question of whether or not it is wise for small business owners to hire a Yahoo! Store designer or if this is an area they can budget without.

Guest Article | All Web Promotion | February 2012

In this article, I provide readers with a general overview of social media marketing, and outline tips, strategies, and advice for how small businesses can get started.

Guest Article | Search Engine Journal | June 2011

With so much competition online already and more coming daily, how do small businesses adapt? In this article, I highlight 7 repeat business strategies to help mall businesses.

This article was later syndicated to:

Dallas News, Sphinn, SEO Facts, SEO Moves, Self Employed Central, Small Business Bulletin, SG Impact, and Host MDS

Guest Article | Search Marketing Gurus | October 2010

In this article, I provide a general overview of the kinds of problems in-house marketing teams, mainly traditional marketers, face when managing PPC campaigns for the first time.

Guest Article | AllWebEmail Blog | August 2010

In this article, I provide a basic overview of the kinds of online marketing opportunities that are available for Yahoo! Stores and other eCommerce website owners.

Guest Article | Search Marketing Gurus | December 2007

This article is a recap of my recent SES Chicago 2007 experience. I shared many highlights from the event, and commented on specific things I believe needed to be improved on.

Guest Article | Search Marketing Gurus | October 2007

What started off as a rant on a local pizzeria, later became a real-life example for what not to do. In this article, I explain these poor business practices and ways one can avoid them.

Guest Article | Search Marketing Gurus | October 2007

In this article, I review and evaluate Sphinn, a new social networking website for marketers, and share what I like and dislike about the product and the community that governs it.

Guest Article | Yahoo! Store Blog | June 2007

I was fortunate enough to attend the very first SMX Advanced conference in Seattle, WA. In this article, I share highlights from the event as well as some of my personal thoughts.

Guest Article | Search Marketing Gurus | June 2007

I was fortunate enough to attend the very first SMX Advanced conference. In this article, I share whether or not the conference will satisfy the needs of veteren marketers.

Guest Article | Search Marketing Gurus | May 2007

In this highly opinionated article, I address the question of whether or not there is still value in attending search marketing conferences, or if attendees should pass on them altogether.

Guest Article | Search Marketing Gurus | March 2007

In this article, I review and highlight some of the industry's best tools and resources. This piece is meant to serve as a "beginners" guide for those new to search marketing.

Guest Article | Search Marketing Gurus | February 2007

In this article, I reference and explain an analogy that I personally find to be helpful when trying to help potential clients understand the need for search engine marketing services.

Guest Article | Stuntdubl Blog | August 2006

In this article, I outline 5 basic, yet very essential, tips that small businesses should consider when hiring an SEO company to optimize their website or play a role in some other project.

Seminars & Webinars

Webinar | LKCS | September 2013

As apart of LKCS' Webinar Wednesday series, I presented on social media. I covered the basics of social media marketing and addressed how financial institutions can get started.