"I highly recommend Karl and LKCS as a web designer. We worked with Karl to redesign and upgrade our website at Members First Credit Union. Karl was so patient with us and very quick to respond to our questions and needs, Karl was very professional and offered us great advice.I would hire Karl again."

Susie Jennings

Members First Credit Union

March 2014

"Karl is fantastic to work with. He has helped us build our new website which is awesome. I'd highly recommend him as quick, creative and very resourceful."

Karen Millar

Members First Credit Union

February 2014

"Karl has provided our company with SEO services for the past ten years. He is professional and highly experienced in his field, and a real asset to us. His work has helped ensure that our online presence is professional and competitive, and is always keeping things up to date with research of new methods. I can highly recommend Karl to others."

Liz Felgate

Upward Enterprises, Inc.

May 2013

"Karl is a very professional and friendly employee. He handles his work and clients with efficiency. Karl works well with a team and independently. He is an innovative thinker. For anyone who has ever worked with Karl, it quickly becomes clear that Karl can run with the best in his field. He is extremely knowledgable and cares about his work. He goes above and beyond satisfy clients and has high standards for his work. I recommend Karl for website promotion, SEO, and Web Design to anyone looking for a responsible, up-to-the-minute, well-liked kind of guy."

Stephanie Rawson

All Web Promotion

April 2013

"I've worked with Karl for 9 years, and can personally vouche for his expertise and professionalism. Karl headed up our company's marketing department and was an intragral part of our team at All Web Promotion. I highly recommend his work and fully endorse him for all marketing roles."

Denise Smario

All Web Promotion

April 2013

"I had the pleasure of working with Karl for over 7 years. You can't ask for a more honest, dedicated, knowledgeable and professional person working for and with you. With a high level of expertise in his field, he also has excellent communication skills to relay what it is that he does best, and what he can do to optimally market your business. Additionally, Karl is loyal and reliable worker, dedicated to his work and family, and also a good friend. He can help catapult your business to the next level in a professional, friendly way."

Elizabeth Baze

Best Impressions

April 2013

"Karl has been a customer of ours for years. He introduced the idea of adding a blog to our website in order create more customer interaction. From the initial idea to its completion, he was extremely dedicated in helping design, create and demonstrate how to use our blog. He was very organized and completed tasks in a timely fashion. We are very happy with the work he did on our site. I highly recommend Karl's work in anything related to marketing, web design and social media. He is a true professional and pleasure to work with."

Jim Lannen

Uptown Grill

March 2013

"Karl is a leading voice in the world of social media, marketing and web design. I consistently look for his input on current trends and how to better market myself and my company. His insight is invaluable to someone new to the public relations field. Karl stays on top of it all, all while pushing to achieve personal success with his fitness goals and balance home life with his growing family."

Megan Toth

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

February 2013

"Karl knows the industry inside and out. He does whatever it takes to get the job done right the first time. He is a proven problem solver and has a passion for all things design and SEO."

James Markey


January 2013

"If you're looking for web/SEO consulting, Karl is your guy. Not because he knows the intricacies of the business or has the raw talent to help your business grow - that's a given. The real reason you want Karl is because he will bend over backward for YOUR company! The man is passionate about what he does and that really comes out in his work. You will not be disappointed with Karl Ribas."

Drew Solorio

Caterpillar Inc.

January 2013

"Karl is a hard worker who continues to showcase his talents and understanding of online marketing through his blog and social media feeds. I've had the privilege of collaborating with Karl last year on an article, and found him to be both professional and knowledgeable. I highly endorse Karl Ribas personally and professionally."

Catherine Seven


November 2012

"I worked with Karl on a few non-for-profit Facebook projects and to create awareness for an environmental cause. His knowledge of promoting and using social media is well rounded and would be an asset for companies looking to use social media."

Hugo Heredia

IN Visual Technologies

September 2012

"Karl is an innovative thinker and strategist. I have always admired his dedication to helping small businesses get the most from their online marketing efforts."

Chris Winfield

Blueglass Interactive, Inc.

August 2012

"Karl is a knowledgeable professional and a master of his craft. He is very detail oriented and organized, and goes above and beyond to exceed the tasks requested of him. It has been a pleasure working with him."

Michael Robbins

Legal Helpers

July 2012

"I recommend Karl for anyone who needs website promotion. He does excellent work."

Steven Hite

Perdue Kidd & Vickery

June 2012

"Karl is a man who knows how to achieve that which he aspires to. He expresses a personal dedication to accomplishment that is difficult to match. I can with confidence say that Karl is a reliable and hardworking fellow, who brings a wealth of talent and vision to all he embarks upon."

Bradley Molitor

Transamerica Life Insurance Company

May 2012

"Though I haven't worked directly with Karl on an SEO project, I do know him from conversations at search conferences and online. I can vouch for both his industry knowledge and character. He's a great guy who I'd be happy to work with on a project and someone I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to businesses in the Chicago area."

Dustin Woodard

SEO Naturale

May 2012

"I've been lucky enough to work side-by-side with Karl on many search engine marketing projects. In fact, I credit him with teaching me everything I know about the industry. As made evident in his writings, he has a wealth of knowledge to share. That's why whenever I have a question, need an opinion, or have an idea I need to bounce off of someone, Karl is always the first person I turn to. You can count on him to give an honest and thoughtful assessment."

Jessica Guadiana

All Web Promotion

January 2012

"Very Dedicated worker that I can only speak very highly of him."

Matthew Butler

Creative Dynamics Studio

December 2011

"Karl acted as Technical Editor on my latest book, Zero to 100,000 (Pearson, 2011). His expertise and knowledge is second to none and was immensely appreciated throughout the production process. He has contributed greatly to the book's success and it would be a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with him again."

Sarah-Jayne Gratton

author of "Zero to 100,000"

October 2011

"Karl was responsible for providing the technical editing of our new book, Zero to 100,000. He offered us a valuable sanity check mechanism to ensure the level of detail and accuracy was maintained for the reader. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Karl again on a similar project.

Dean Anthony Gratton

author of "Zero to 100,000"

October 2011

"I know Karl through social media channels. He always provides useful information and has interesting things to say about search engine optimization and marketing. He is a personable man with good ideas for marketing a business."

Jennifer Stuart

Theater Enthusiast

September 2011

"I've been working side-by-side with Karl for just over 8-years now on the marketing of our company's website, and would highly recommend him as an Internet marketing specialist. He has clear ideas about his industry and knows how to drive targeted traffic to sites. In addition, Karl demonstrates the type of expertise and professionalism that every client and employer desire."

Brent Mayer


August 2011

"I first met Karl 5 years ago following his SEO blog. Always insightful and intelligent, and I have been following him ever since. A genuinely nice guy who really knows his stuff and great to collaborate with."

Joe Williams

SEO Training Ltd

August 2011

"Karl is one of the best in the business. If you hire him you will get more than your money's worth and you will get it on time. He is creative and innovative with a "knack" for saving his clients money. Simply put: If you don't hire Karl you will be leaving money on the table."

Gene Carbonell

My Health Management

July 2011

"I hired Karl to be a Technical Reviewer for a book that we are currently working on publishing. Karl is very personable, responsive, reliable and knows his area of expertise. Our schedules are tentative yet firm and Karl was very accomodating to our due dates no matter how many times they changed."

Romny French

Pearson Education

June 2011

"It has been a pleasure to work with Karl the last 3 years. Karl is a key leader in his organization. He is a huge advocate of builiding solid business relationships. His approach to solving for problems makes providing and implementing solutions very fast and seemless. Any organization would be lucky to land his talent."

Dar Vigil


June 2011

"Karl is an expert at what he does. He is honest and reliable, and one of very few people that I would personally recommend. I have hired several SEO "experts" in the past, paid much more and got less. I am greatful to have found him, I only wish I would have years ago."

Lisa Borregine

The New York Dog Shop

May 2011

"Karl Ribas is one of my co-bloggers at Search Marketing Gurus. Interestingly enough, our careers in search began around the same time. Karl's writing proves that he has a great deal of knowledge about all things SEO, and he's been a great example for how to use social media in order to network with colleagues in the industry. I enjoy his blog, as he writes when he has something to say (not when he wants to add his own watered-down voice to an oversaturated mix) and is always polite."

Julie Joyce

Str0ud LLC and Link Fish Media

May 2011

"A good search marketer not only keeps up on all the latest changes in the search world, but also networks extensively with peers in the space to cross-check best practices and ensure they are staying current. Karl excels at both of these functions and has deep connections in the SEO/SEM space. On top of his extensive knowledge, it turns out he is also one hell of a nice guy which makes for a partner you can trust and is easy to work with."

Paul Boisvert


April 2011

"Karl is a multi-faceted, highly talented professional with an extraordinary work ethic. I have only known Karl to be timely and on point in matters of advice and knowledge in his industry. Karl has a very engaging personality and optimism found only in rare individuals. I would certainly recommend him whole-heartedly."

Julia Fowler


April 2011

"Karl is a great guy to work with. During the past 5-6 years that I've known Karl I've noticed that he is very detail oriented and very passionate about his work. There is no job too big or small for Karl."

Andrew Weeks

N.E. Finch Company

April 2011

"Karl was one of my best writers & contributers at SearchMarketingGurus.com. He always understood the kind of content that the audience would find valuable in the SEO and Online Marketing industry. His everyday insight into how clients were dealing with SEO issues and online marketing solutions was invaluable to the content we produced on the site. Karl's a wealth of great knowledge for any team, and his "go get 'em" attitude towards the industry's ever changing environment is definitely an asset to any team"

Liana 'Li' Evans

Search Marketing Gurus

March 2011

"I've gotten to know Karl over the past few years through countless conversations, on and offline. Karl is a well-educated, result driven and customer focused kind of guy. He'd be an asset to any client looking for a trustworthy person with knowledge and experience in the online marketing space. It doesn't hurt that he loves to cook as well!"

Shannon Holato

Red Pill Email

February 2011

"While I haven't worked directly with Karl, I have known him through industry events and social networking for a number of years. He is always on the pulse of new trends and technologies while maintaining tried and true techniques. He's not only knowledgable in all aspects of SEM from SEO to PPC but is a great people person who makes everyone around him feel comfortable and engaged."

Pamela Lund

That Pam Chick

December 2010

"I've known Karl for several years and have had dozens of in-depth conversations on eCommerce, SEO, and online marketing. He's a great guy, and even got a shout out in my DUMMIES book! He knows his Yahoo! Store stuff."

Rob Snell

Snell Brothers

September 2010

"I sit as secretary for a new Not-for-Profit in Central Illinois. Early in 2009, our NFP hired Karl to perform web design services and we could not be more pleased with the results. Not only did Karl create a wonderfully functional and visually appealing website, he went above and beyond by offering search engine optimization and website maintenance. I would not hesitate to recommend or retain any of Karl's diverse services in the future. He is everything a small business owner should be; passionate, driven, professional, and knowledgeable."

Trey Solorio


July 2010

"I've worked with Karl on a numerous marketing analytics projects for multiple clients dating as far back as 2004. Throughout the years, I have always found Karl to be a knowledgeable, focused, detail-orientated professional who has his thumb on the pulse of the internet and is truly a pleasure to work with."

Danny Franklin

Conversion Analyst

July 2010

"Karl was one of my students in Printing Technology and Graphic Design for the Web at Illinois Valley Community College. Karl demonstrated great understanding of advanced topics in design and web development. He proved to be creative and proficient in his project development, and I remember him being a self-starter with good enthusiasm. Karl was always willing to help others and was able to quickly transfer concepts he learned into practice. It was a pleasure to teach Karl and to see him mature into an internet technology professional."

Pete Moore

Illinois Valley Community College

June 2010

"I've known Karl for about 5 years and right from the beginning I knew I was in good hands. There isn't a project this guy can't handle. What I like best about him is that he's buttoned-up, proactive and delivers on what was promised."

Greg Toth


May 2010

"Karl and I have worked together for many years. He has been instrumental in keeping our website visible and changing things up to keep ahead of the latest SEO trends."

Lisa Boyer

Upward Enterprises

May 2010

"Karl has taught me everything I know about SEO, SEM, and PPC. Before I started here I really didn't know much about this field of marketing and Karl patiently taught me what I needed to know, and the tricks of the trade. He has many great leadership skills such as patience, staying collected and reasonable when things don't go exactly right, and full of knowledge."

Maggie Harris

All Web Promotion

April 2010

"I am glad I've had the opportunity to consult with Karl on various projects. When I have a question about SEO, he is my go-to guy."

Landon Miller

815 Media

April 2010

"Karl is a team player with a true passion for search marketing. He brings a high level of professionalism to a field that is often criticized for lack of standards and accountability. Each client is treated the same regardless of their size or marketing budget and Karl understands fully that he's partially reponsible for the success or failure of his client's busineses and dreams. Over the past six years, Karl has raised the quality of our search marketing capabilities and has earned an esteemed reputation by his peers."

Peter Roebuck

All Web Promotion

November 2010

"Our company has worked with Karl for over a year, and in that time the traffic to our site has doubled while our costs have gone down. Karl was the best investment our company could have made. I would recommend Karl to anyone looking for more exposure on the Internet."

Jeff Otte

Dispenser Keys

October 2009

"Karl runs my online Pay Per Click campaign and has for several months. He has helped my business gain greater visibility in front of prospective international clients. This has had a great impact on our revenue stream. He routinely designs ad-copy that results in action from the target audience."

Ben England

FDA Imports

November 2008

"Karl is a very knowledgeable, detail-orientated individual. His innovative ideas make him a great asset to All Web Promotion, Inc. and all other affiliations he offers his services to. When I worked with Karl I viewed him as my mentor and still have to ask him a question every now and then."

Diana Puchalski

One to One Marketing Solutions

October 2008

"Karl has clear ideas about the industry and knows how to drive targeted traffic to sites. He's made insightful posts on Search Marketing Gurus and continues to develop his many strengths in internet marketing."

Brian Cosgrove

Avenue A | Razorfish

October 2008

"When I think about the people that I have met that are completely passionate about their work like I am, Karl Ribas immediately comes to mind. He attends SEO conferences, studies blogs/websites everyday and shares his knowledge to stay on top of things. It's really neat to watch him love his job!! His passion guarantees that he cares and gives his best for his clients. I've found out that he is a very thorough person. Every project that he manages, he makes sure that every aspect is covered and the client is happy in the end."

Kelly Wilson

Fluid Website Design

September 2008

"I enjoyed working with Karl when he was a KeywordMax client. Karl is a straight forward person with a high degree of integrity. He was always patient with technical issues, and was proactive in assisting us with needed information to track down and correct problems."

Lori Weiman


September 2008

"It doesn't take long to realize that Karl loves what he does and he is very good at it. He is well-versed in many different aspects of internet marketing and web development, making him quite a force to be reckoned with! Not only that, Karl is a stand up guy and very well-liked in our industry."

Christopher "CK" Chung


September 2008

"Karl demonstrates the type of expertise and professionalism that every client and employer desire. Karl's knowledge is not limited to just one field of Internet marketing, either. Something that is very rare. Every opportunity I have had to work with Karl has exceeded my expectations. What completes Karl as the ideal employee is his personality. He is a pleasure to work with."

Taylor Pratt

nFusion Group, LLC

September 2008

"Thanks for your SEO efforts with the gina b. website. Your efforts have already started to pay off! I am looking forward to reading your blog and continuing my much needed education on SEO."

Gina McGrath

gina b. international

November 2006

"Karl does the optimization on my website. I am learning tons from his blog and consider Karl to be a real fountain of SEO knowledge."

Lisa Ratchford

Busy Bodies Boutique

October 2006